Message from the Senior Partner Ana Afonso Martins

    I am delighted to introduce you to Castelo Solicitors.

    Founded in 2013 Castelo has become a known name in the legal industry for protecting client’s interests both in the UK and abroad.

    We offer a friendly, approachable and personal service to all our clients. We take on your case knowing what is most important to you and doing our best to ensure that it is maintained.

    We offer a high level bespoke service offering consultations and meetings in the evenings and on weekends to facilitate matters for those that find it difficult to take time off work for solicitor appointments. We also offer a flexible pricing structure to ensure your matter is handled in a stress free manner. Our costs are transparent and there are no hidden charges.

    At the time when you need us most, we do everything we can to make things simple for you and minimise the difficulties and stress that can arise. In the event that litigation does become inevitable, we will act quickly and robustly to protect your interests. 



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