Would you like to become a Portuguese citizen? If so, there are several ways to make it happen. Portugal offers several programmes that grant citizenship to foreign nationals and Foreigners who have a particular relationship with Portugal: through birth, marriage or by descent.


Portuguese citizenship can be acquired by birth, marriage or naturalisation. What’s more, Portugal allows dual citizenship and so you are free to retain your original nationality if you so wish.

Children with a Portuguese father or mother acquire Portuguese nationality from birth. Children born in Portugal to foreign parents can also claim portuguese nationality on the basis that one of their parents was legal residing in Portugal for at least five years at the time of their birth.

If born outside of Portugal, Portuguese citizenship can be claimed through a grandparent that was Portuguese. Many applications under this umbrella are made from Goa, Macau and other ex Portuguese colonies.

Recently, citizens who can prove they are of Sephardic origin can also apply for Portuguese citizenship.

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