People experience disputes from time to time which can spiral into a costly long-term issue.  Our dispute resolution lawyers may advise clients to try resolving their conflict recurring to alternative methods of dispute resolution, such as the mediation. Mediation aids people in conflict to communicate and the mediator will help the parties to find a solution in a friendly but professional manner. Mediation only takes place if the parties involved in the conflict choose to do so. If you want to try mediation you can do it by calling at our mediators at the London Mediation Office.

If the alternative way of dispute resolution is not possible or is unsuccessful, you can instruct our lawyers can bring a civil claim through the court system to resolve the dispute. If litigation is required, our lawyers will lodge the claim with the appropriate court and serve it to the other party, draft any documents/statements, reply to any questionnaires requested by the Court, represent you in Court and enforce a judgement in your favour (as well as lodge an appeal if necessary).

Our tenacious litigation and dispute resolution lawyers will make every effort to bring the matter to a successful result.

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