Your English Will lets you decide what happens to your assets (including money, property and possessions) after your death. It is advisable to seek tailored legal advice as your Will may not be straightforward. By seeking legal advice you may also learnt about Inheritance Tax and how to organise your estate accordingly.

In order for an English Will to be legally valid, it needs to be formally witnessed by 2 persons of legal age who have mental capacity and these 2 persons have to sign it as well in your presence.

If you die without having left a Will, the law decides who gets what.

As life is constantly changing and so your circumstances may change, you should review your Will every 5 years and after any major change in your life, such as getting divorced, married, having a child or in case the executor named by you originally dies. In any event, we advise you to be in touch with your lawyers for any major changes in your life.


If major changes occur in your life, you need to review and in occasions make a new Will.

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