At Castelo Solicitors, we use mediation to help our clients through the processes of family law and break-up. Our team of experienced family law specialists work alongside specialist mediators at the London Mediation Office to ensure that disputes are settled amicably without recourse to courts.

Child custody, division of assets and liabilities and maintenance payments are critical to your divorce settlement. They are also the hardest parts to agree on, and especially more so when you and your spouse are not exactly seeing eye-to-eye.

Divorce Mediation Simplified.

It is often the case when a marriage breaks down that only one party wants to actually divorce. This makes for an emotionally charged situation, and can create conflict from the very beginning of the process. In these cases,  mediation could be an option for coming to an agreement together and resolving any conflicts that may arise, having said that, if either spouse is being unreasonable, there may be no alternative than to go to court.

What is mediation?

Mediation is an alternative dispute resolution process in which you and your spouse can listen to each other’s concerns and opinions in order to find mutually acceptable solutions without litigation or the expense and delay of going to court.

Will the mediator choose sides?

In mediation, both parties have equal rights and responsibilities throughout the process. Mediators have no authority and will not advocate for one party over another, but will instead make sure both sides are satisfied with the agreed outcomes.

Can the mediator give legal advice?

The mediator cannot give you legal advice on what you should do-that is for you to decide, that is why it is important for you and your spouse to consult with your own divorce solicitors during the mediation process.

If you are facing divorce or separation, we can offer you a safe space to negotiate access to children, financial settlements and child support, as well as property division.

Why choose mediation for getting divorced?

When getting divorced you should always attempt to reach an agreement outside of court, sometimes this cannot be done without intervention and in these instances Mediation can help by providing appropriate resources and expertise to resolve the disputes.

This type of dispute resolution is achieved through the efforts of a trained mediator, who facilitates negotiations between both parties, and assisting in defining issues clearly, fostering face-to-face communication, exploring alternatives, and reaching agreements.

What are the benefits of Mediation?

A big benefit to the mediation process is that it makes conversations with your spouse more productive thus preventing further conflict and allowing you both to take creative and direct action toward achieving amicable solutions.

You may even find that it reduces the tension in your relationship allowing you to develop a better understanding of each other and maybe even to form a better long-term relationship, which is especially important if there’s children involved

Mediation tends to be a lot less expensive than divorce litigation, because you’re saving on court costs and lawyers’ fees, and a lot quicker too so that you can both get on with your lives.

You can both be actively involved throughout the negotiation process and remain in control as you are the ones deciding how to split up your assets and what child arrangements are needed rather than the courts.

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