When it come to ‘Herencia’ (Spanish Probate), you can rely on Castelo’s team of specialist probate lawyers to assist you with all Spain-UK cross-border probate and Will matters.

With regards to assets in Spain, our Spanish probate lawyers can handle and oversee all aspects of the inheritance process, from liaising with banks in order to obtain the certificate of account balance on the date of death (“certificado de saldo a fecha de defunción”) and with Spanish notaries in order to organise all the deeds that need to be signed by the heirs to dealing with inheritance taxes to be paid, registering new ownership of Spanish properties in the Property Registry (“Registro de la Propiedad”).

If the deceased had the “domicile” in the UK and the probate was dealt with in the UK, the process of the administration of the estate in Spain might require not only the translations or the original relevant documents (death certificate, UK will if there was one, the grant of probate) but a Declaration of Law detailing the applicable law to the estate in Spain.

In any case, you do not need to worry about anything  (including Declarations of Law,  Translations and Notarisations plus Legalisations of foreign documents) as we have not only Spanish lawyers with the necessary expertise to assist with the Spanish estate administration but also Spanish certified translators as well as notaries amongst the members of our team.


Castelo’s team of specialist probate lawyers assist clients with Spain-UK cross-border probate and Will matters.

For the purpose of paying taxes, non-resident foreign national taxpayers will have to apply for the Spanish fiscal number for non residents called “NIE” (“Número de Identificación de Extranjero”), a Spanish identification number that is required for paying taxes, buying/sign the title deeds of a property and opening bank accounts.

Our lawyers can assist you with the obtain of the NIE number either at the Spanish Consulates in the United Kingdom or in Spain. Call one of our Spanish Probate experts at Castelo Solicitors today on 020 3441 5095

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