At Castelo Solicitors, our Spanish Lawyers can act on behalf of clients with regards to any Spanish-British legal services that a client may require done at any Spanish Consulate in the UK.

Our Spanish legal team consists of Spanish lawyers practising in the jurisdiction of Spain, and as such, amongst the various services that you can instruct our Spanish lawyers to do on your behalf is applying for your Spanish N.I.E. number.

Our Spanish Lawyers in the UK can obtain your NIE number at the Spanish Consulate in London and Manchester.

Non Spanish nationals (people that do not hold Spanish nationality) who, due to their economic, professional or social interests, wish to do certain transactions in Spain, can apply for the N.I.E. number, which is a personal, unique and exclusive sequential number, needed for identification purposes.

The NIE however, does not give you legal “residence” as such in Spain, in any event. For this, you will need to seek legal advice from Spanish Lawyers, which you can do at Castelo Solicitors.

In order to apply for a Spanish N.I.E. number, clients can grant power of attorney to our Spanish Lawyers in our Notaries firm at Castelo Notaries, for our lawyers to attend to an appointment at the Spanish Consulate on their behalf.

Our expert Spanish lawyers will make the process of applying for a Spanish N.I.E run smoothly for our clients. Taking care of the matter from the very beginning by getting an appointment with the Spanish Consulate.

Besides the power of attorney, in order to apply for a NIE number at the Spanish Consulate, a number of other documents (to be filled out and signed by the representative lawyers of the interested party) are also needed.

Additional Documents Required:

  • Standard application form (EX-15);
  • Original and copy of the complete passport;
  • Evidence of the proof of address;
  • Communication of the economic, professional or social reasons that justify the application.

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