Non-residents in Spain who own property within the Spanish land are taxed. According to Spanish law, income derived directly or indirectly from property assets in the Spanish territory can be taxed.

Spanish tax forms are complex, to which the additional language problem if you are not fluent in the Spanish language adds up. Failure to file returns correctly could incur fines. Also, legislation and practice in Spain changes frequently, which means that one needs to be up-to-date all the time.

The good news is that even when non-resident taxpayers are not obliged to appoint an individual or organisation resident in Spain to represent them in dealings with the Spanish tax authorities, they may voluntarily appoint a fiscal legal representative with residence/address in Spain to serve as a communication channel with the Spanish Tax Administration.

By appointing a tax representative in Spain you can make sure that your tax obligations in Spain are not missed. Our Spanish lawyers and accountants can calculate, file and pay your  non-resident yearly tax returns. By having your tax address physically in Spain, you can rest assured that you will never miss any communication coming from a public Spanish institution.


Avoid any missing notices or delay in attending your tax obligations in Spain by appointment a legal tax representative in Spain by calling Castelo Solicitors on the 0203 441 5095.

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