Overcoming the complexities of a high-net-worth divorce

Overcoming the complexities of a high-net-worth divorce If you’re facing a high-net-worth divorce, you already know it can be…

Overcoming the complexities of a high-net-worth divorce

If you’re facing a high-net-worth divorce, you already know it can be a stressful time. The legal and financial complexities of such cases are often overwhelming.

That’s why it’s important to have the support of an experienced solicitor who knows how best to handle these situations. We understand that each case is different and will work closely with you and your ex-partner to ensure we achieve an outcome that is fair and equitable for both parties involved.

Divorce can be a stressful and emotional time, but you don’t have to worry about your finances. Our solicitors have the knowledge and experience to guide you through the process, keeping your best interests at heart at every stage.

What is a high-net-worth divorce?

You’ve probably heard the term “high net worth divorce” before. But what exactly is it? A high-net-worth divorce is one in which at least one spouse has a considerable amount of money, whether that be through business or personal assets. These divorces can become very complex and time-consuming to resolve, so it’s important to make sure you have a lawyer on your side who has experience with these types of cases.

Why do I need a solicitor to help with my high-net-worth divorce?

You need a solicitor who understands the complexities of a high-net-worth divorce. Your solicitor will be able to help you identify and value your assets, as well as advise on the tax implications of your divorce.

Should I delay divorce proceedings until my finances have improved?

You may have heard some people say that it’s best to delay divorce proceedings until your finances have improved, but we don’t think this is a good idea. You are a high-net-worth person, so you need to protect your assets now. If you wait for your finances to improve before getting divorced, it could be too late!

How can I change the way we share our assets?

In addition to the issues of valuation and division, there are other ways you can change the way your assets are shared.

  • Pre-nuptial agreement: A pre-nup is a written contract signed by both parties before marriage to stablish conditions for divorce.
  • Post-nuptial agreement: Similar to a pre-nup but created after marriage has occurred where parties are able to agree on terms relevant only after they’re married (for example: child custody arrangements).

What if you think your partner is attempting to hide assets?

Our expert team have experience in dealing with complex divorces involving significant business assets, which can be difficult to value and the added complication of overseas assets makes understanding their values a particularly skilled area of law.

We can also assist with freezing injunctions where there is a worry assets could be hidden. If you are concerned that your partner could attempt to hide assets during your divorce speak with us today to get advice from experienced High Net Worth divorce lawyers in London or Portugal by calling 020 3441 5095 or emailing us at info@castelosolicitors.com to discuss your personal circumstances in more detail.

How to safeguard your children throughout your high net worth divorce?

As experts in Family Law, we understand how a parents’ primary concern during divorce is their children’s wellbeing.  Some of the areas of Family Law we see most often are;

  • Spousal & Child Maintenance
  • Child Access Agreements
  • International Children’s Law
  • Non-resident Parent Issues
  • Child Relocation & Trips Abroad

In cases of high net worth divorce, the complications of School Fees and Lifestyle arrangements can often cause friction, which is why we in addition to being able to provide expert legal advice and support can also work with you in Mediation so that you and your partner can come to an agreement out of court collaboratively.

Next steps

Divorce is never simple but having a high net worth, business assets, properties and investments can add additional complications to an already difficult legal process. If divorce is on your mind, please get in touch today for expert advice about getting started with your high-net-worth divorce.

Why choose Castelo Solicitors for your high-net-worth divorce?

Here at Castelo Solicitors, we set ourselves apart from other firms by priding ourselves on our empathetic approach. We aim to support you and what is important to you while also fighting your corner with the refined skills and expert knowledge it takes to resolve complex divorce cases.

You’ll be confident our solicitors have done everything possible to ensure your financial future is safeguarded. As part of this, we will carry out a thorough analysis of all assets and liabilities so that you understand exactly what you are entitled to.

We have extensive knowledge and experience in the complex area of valuing family businesses and other complex assets, as well as non-disclosure agreements (NDAs). We know how to get around NDAs so that there are no hidden surprises in your divorce settlement when it comes to dividing up your marital assets.

We can assist with complex and high net worth divorce cases involving a range of issues including;

  • Significant Cash
  • Multiple Properties
  • Business Assets
  • Hidden Wealth
  • Pensions
  • International Divorce
  • Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreements
  • Onshore & Offshore trusts
  • International Assets
  • Inherited Wealth
  • Cars
  • High-Value Collections, Antiques & Artworks
  • Investments & Cryptocurrency

Our solicitors have the specialist knowledge and skill to delve into the complex legal area of value disputes. We are skilled in ensuring the value of assets is correctly and expertly determined, leaving no stone unturned, especially when there are issues with non-disclosure.

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Susi Favero
I applied for a dual citizenship and I was dealing with Maria, she was very prompt to exchange communication and very knowledgeable in the matter. I am very happy with the service and would likely recommend it.
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Sander Buiter
I have to say that Castelo had been amazing in handling my financial consent order. It took a while, but the results were better that I had initially expected. I highly recommend Ana and her team for the exemplary work they do, and the customer focused attitude. I'm still working with Ana on another case. I hope that whomever needs amazing services, is able to find Castelo to be able to help, in their family legal issues.
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Daniel Ancor Ramírez González
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Oliver Wright
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