There are hardly any cases more sensitive than those surrounding child disputes. Our specialist family solicitors have many years of experience. We do our very best to safeguard separating parents and their children. We aim to quickly and sensitively achieve the best result for you and your children whatever your situation.

    Child maintenance

    Child maintenance is usually paid by the parent who does not have the most of the day-to-day care of the children to the parent or care-giver who does have the most of the day-to-day care of the children

    Securing an agreement for child maintenance can sometimes be a particularly contentious issue. We have the legal expertise to ensure that the fair amount is paid to help contribute towards necessary living costs.

    Custody arrangements for children

    Wherever possible, we encourage you as parents to make your own arrangements for your children. As parents, there is no one better placed to decide what arrangements will suit your children best. However, sometimes it is just isn’t possible for parents to reach an agreement without some form of outside intervention. In those cases our children solicitors will act quickly and robustly to protect you and your children.

    We have many years’ experience of providing advice in respect of living and contact arrangements and successfully guiding parents and avoiding stressful court action.

    The Children Act 1989 is the main legislation which provides the law. There are a range of court orders that can be applied for depending on your own circumstances. As an example, you can apply for a ‘child arrangements order’ that determines where your child lives, when they spend time with each parent and what types of contact take place (such as emails, phone calls, skype). You can also apply for a ‘specific issue order’ that deals with a particular issue that you cannot agree on such as what child the school should attend, whether they should have a religious education or whether they should move out of the jurisdiction.

    The court will only make a court order if they think it is in the best interests of the child. Where possible the court will take the child’s feelings and wishes into account, as well as their emotional, physical and educational needs. They will also think about the effects that any changes may have on the child, and anything that could put them at risk.

    At Castelo Solicitors, we have extensive experience in helping our clients to resolve these difficult cases. When you come to us for advice and support on child arrangement issues, you will benefit from a dedicated, knowledgeable and friendly service. You can truly rely on us to help you get very best outcome for you and your children.



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