Probate Law Portugal

    Our Portuguese probate experts can assist you in the following areas:

    Estate planning – preparation of Will either a portuguese Will or International Will;

    Estate division by agreement or through the courts;


    If the deceased has not made valid dispositions in his/ her Will, either wholly or in part, then the Estate will be divided in accordance with the Intestacy Rules.

    The legitimate heirs (herdeiros legítimos) in accordance with Portuguese Law are as follows, 1. Spouse and Children

    1. Spouse and parents
    2. Siblings and their descendants
    3. Other family members to the 4th degree
    4. The Portuguese Republic

    In the above, the head of the inheritance will be appointed and will be in charge of administering the estate.

    The documents that prove who the legitimate heirs are

    1. Court decision
    2. Public Deed
    3. Simplified Deed of heirs issued by the Civil Registry

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