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    Named after the Portuguese Castles, here at Castelo Solicitors we are very proud of our Portuguese history and to this day have such a strong link between English and Portuguese Legal Services.


    We are registered as solicitors with the Portuguese ‘Ordem dos Advogados’ and have a Portuguese Legal Executive as well as an associated office in Portugal to provide our British clients, both private individuals and corporate, with a Portuguese service in a language that they understand.

    Portuguese flag on castle

    We can offer you the following Services in Portugal;


    Whether you are in the process of buying and selling properties in Portugal we can help ensure the entire legal process runs smoothly and you have all the necessary legal support you require, in a language you understand. We also provide advice and guidance if you are thinking of renting a property in Portugal, our professional team of property specialists can ensure you have all the correct Licences to operate legally.

    Property Matters

    We are able to help you with a range of property matters such as both issuing and defending Squatter’s rights claims (usucampião), supporting you in making boundary disputes and dealing with access way disputes.

    Property in Portugal

    Personal Injury

    If you’ve been injured or fallen ill while abroad, or if the worst has happened and a loved one has died whilst in Portugal as the result of an illness or accident, you may be entitled to claim compensation. Our team is able to support British clients from both London and Portugal.

    Criminal Matters

    If have been the victim or accused of a crime while on holiday in Portugal it is important that you have access to legal advice in a language you understand. Our multinational team are qualified in the UK and Portuguese legal systems so will be able to support you fully to ensure justice is achieved.

    Enforcement of foreign judgements

    Here at Castelo, we can help challenge the enforcement of foreign judgements or assist in making enforcements in Portugal from the UK. For instance, if you are divorced and there is a challenge over children’s orders in Portugal, we are able to help support your side of the argument. We can also assist with Care Orders for Local Authorities.

    Wills & Probate

    If you are living in Portugal and concerned about the inheritance of your assets to your UK based family, or you are unsure what tax implications you might face our friendly solicitors are here to help. If you have a family member die in Portugal with or without a will our team can also assist with the process of Probate.

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