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    Motoring Offences

    Motoring offences include charges such as speeding, careless driving, driving under the influence, and driving whilst using a mobile phone.

    Typically our motoring offences legal service includes plea and strategy advice, attendance at the hearing to present mitigation and making exceptional hardship applications.


    Key Services

    1. Plea and strategy advice when a person is facing a motoring offence charge.
    2. Advising of viable defence route when the person pleads guilty to a motoring offence.
    3. In the case where there is no defence, advancing to mitigation on behalf of the defendant in order to minimise the penalty which the court imposes.
    4. Making exceptional hardship applications to avoid the six month disqualification that usually comes with reaching 12 or more points.



    The timescales for resolving  motoring offences varies depending on what the offence is and whether the person charged with it pleads guilty or not. If a guilty plea is entered the case can be dealt with at a single hearing and is usually completed within six months from the date of the offence.


    The Team

    All motoring offence cases will be managed by our specialist team which includes Castelo Partner, Ana Afonso Martins, as well as our expert solicitors who will also work with other members of our team with the appropriate level of experience.


    Our Pricing

    Fixed Fee
    £1,500 plus VAT
    *VAT is applicable on our fees at the rate of 20% .



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    If you are being charged with a motoring offence contact us today for expert legal advice and to see how Castelo Solicitors can help you and your case.

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