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    The pricing information on this page applies only to the below services provided by Castelo Solicitors and does not apply to services provided outside of scope of those set out below or to services provided outside of the United Kingdom.

    Please note that the rates detailed in the below costings do not include VAT and disbursements. VAT is applicable on our fees at the rate of 20% .



    We provide a dedicated Immigration Service to support investors, entrepreneurs and families moving to the UK. We advise on the best solutions and provide an expert legal services to help our clients relocate, obtain permanent residence and British Citizenship.


    Key Services

    1. Spouse / Fiancé(e) Visa
    2. Civil Partner Visa
    3. Proposed Civil Partner Visa
    4. Unmarried Partner Visa
    5. Indefinite leave to remain
    6. British Naturalisation
    7. British Citizenship
    8. British Dual Nationality
    9. Apply for British Passport
    10. Family Visas
    11. Dependent Child Visa
    12. Adult Dependant Visa
    13. Permanent Residence
    14. Permanent Residence Application
    15. Permanent Resident Card
    16. EEA Family Permit
    17. Advise on the Points Based Tier System
    18. All application made under the EU regulations



    The timescales for immigration cases varies greatly depending on what type of case it is and what application is being made. For example, The Home Office service standard is six months for most applications although for some it is possible to pay for a speedier consideration of your application under a “priority” service.


    The Team

    All immigration cases will be managed by our specialist team which includes Castelo Partner, Ana Afonso Martins, as well as our expert solicitors who will also work with other members of our team with the appropriate level of experience.


    Our Pricing

    Hourly Fees
    Average Costs
    Complex Cases
    £350 plus VAT£2,000-£10,00 plus VAT£10,000 +


    *Our prices do not include VAT and disbursements. VAT is applicable on our fees at the rate of 20% .



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