Diversity Data Collection


    Law firms are required by our regulators, the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) to collect and report workforce diversity data every two years. As part of this, we are required to publish our workforce diversity data on our website. You can view a summary of our 2021 diversity data below.

    The data collected from everyone at the firm must be reported to the SRA, broken down by role categories.

    The data includes:

    • Information about a person’s role, ownership and supervisory responsibilities
    • Information about a person’s protected characteristics under the Equality Act 2010
    • Information about socio economic factors (education) and caring responsibilities



    Castelo Solicitors 2021 Diversity Data.




    In total 8 people completed the diversity data collection survey, this represents 100% of  the Castelo Solicitors workforce.


    1 respondent was a solicitor partner (sole practitioner / member / director)
    3 were solicitor non partner
    4 were in a role directly supporting fee earners


    37% of the respondents were 16-24
    26% were in the 25-34 age bracket
    37% were between 35 and 44


    100% of the solicitor partners were female
    100% of solicitor non partners were female
    100% of those in a role directly supporting fee earners were female


    100% of all respondents confirmed that the gender they identify with is the same as the sex registered at their birth.


    None of those who responded considered themselves to have a disability, whilst 12% preferred not to say. None of the respondents felt their day-to-day activities were limited due to health problem or a disability lasting at least 12 months.


    12% of respondents were white and British English/Welsh/Northern Irish/Scottish
    88% were any other white background


    12% of respondents were of no religion or belief
    88% of respondents were of  another religion or belief not listed.


    All of those who responded were heterosexual


    37% of respondents attended a selective state-run/funded school whilst another 37% attended non-selective one and 26% attended a school outside the UK.  75% of all respondents said that by the time they’d reached the age of 18, neither parent had attended university, whilst the remaining 25% said that one or both of their parents had.


    When asked which profession the main/highest income earner in their household worked in when the respondents were aged about 14, 50% preferred not to say, 12% said in modern/traditional professional occupations, 25% in technical and craft occupations and the rest in clerical and intermediate occupations.


    37% of respondents had no primary carer responsibilities for a child under the age of 18, 63% had an invalid/no response to this question.  All  respondents said they spent no time providing unpaid care for those with long term physical or mental ill health caused by disability or age.



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